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  • my sister sends me an email

    • Mom and I watched The Avengers, even though out of all the preceding movies she has only seen Iron Man 1 and 2.
    • mom: who's that?
    • me: iron man
    • mom: oh, i thought that was a transformer. who's that?
    • me: captain america, he's from...the forties?
    • mom: who's that scientist guy?
    • me: the hulk
    • mom: who's that?
    • me: mom, it's iron man!
    • mom: i thought he was a transformer. did his suit change colors?
    • me: no. i think you're still thinking about transformers.
    • ......
    • mom: i really enjoyed that movie
    • me: who was your favorite character?
    • mom: iron man
    1. hyeung said: your mom: i liked thor in the avengers your sister: i bet you didn’t even know he had his own movie your mom: was he in it?
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